The Writer Stuff is... Kate Williams 

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But enough about me, get in touch and let's see what I can do for you. 

Hi. I'm Kate, a content writer, editor and translator based in Barcelona, Spain. I moved here from the UK in 2003 and never looked, or went, back.


I've worn many hats during my portfolio career, from auctioneer to English teacher to translator to healthcare communications manager. I've also travelled widely, from Asia to South America to Africa and beyond.


Apart from the fact that actual hats don't really suit me, all this means I'm adept at adapting to new worlds, both out there and on the page. I love how every writing assignment opens the doors to a whole new world, and I enjoy helping people connect or find what they need through the written word.   


When I'm not writing, I like hiking, kayaking and wild swimming and volunteer in a local animal shelter.