These days, good marketing means giving the people what they want. And the people want content, lots of it.  


A regular blog that speaks to your audience’s needs is a great way to build your brand and client base, drive traffic to your web and showcase your expertise.


Blogging should be a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy, but it’s time-consuming stuff. That’s where I come in: I'll work with your teams to produce engaging, targeted posts that attract new subscribers, reward your loyal followers and keep them all coming back for more.  



- Fresh content - optimised for SEO - gets your webpage noticed by Google and improves its page ranking

- Engaging content writing attract visitors to your site and keeps them there

- Calls-to-action get readers commenting and clicking through to that all-important contact us form, converting them into leads  

- Adept at turning complex concepts into easily-accessible, bite-sized posts 

- Diligent research, fact-checking and proofreading, so you’ll never be embarrassed by your content


- Includes sourcing images and links

I can also edit, correct and proofread your own posts.


"Shotl has been working with Kate for a few months already and all her articles have been really great quality in terms of grammar, style and content. She's always really careful with details and very professional in all her work. Because she's always punctual, it is a real pleasure working with her as you know all articles will be done on time and well-delivered.

I highly recommend her."

Silvia Coronado, Marketing Manager, SHOTL